SiteGround – Best Web Hosting Solution Today

I spent years looking for a good web hosting provider as I was unhappy with my websites going down all the time. It was quite frustrating. I was looking for a new solution that was stable, fast and had great customer support.  After consulting with my web developer peers, I finally settled on SiteGround based on popular referrals.

Here are my top five reasons why I chose SiteGround.

  1. 24/7 Customer support. Tremendous support and live chat component that made my life easier.
  2. Price. Hosting packages start at $3.95 a month.
  3. Website speed and stability. My websites are so much faster and a lot more stable. No downtimes and customer complaints.
  4. Website migration. Offers (1) one free website migration from your old web hosting provider to your new one.
  5. SSL certificate included. This feature was a great value add that allows your website to be secure.

Review the web hosting packages that suit your needs from SiteGround. I highly recommend using this service for hosting your website. Contact me directly if you have any questions.