Drive New Customers With A Google AdWords Campaign


You built your new website and now what? The hard part is driving customers to it. You also want to be able to invest and measure your ROI. I believe Google AdWords is a great solution for small business and sole proprietors as you can measure results quickly.

The opportunity is that you’ll be seen by customers at the very moment that they’re searching on Google for the things you offer. You have the opportunity to reach relevant customers based on very targeted specifics including location (down to zip or postal code), search intent, device used and other options. The benefit for pay-per-click campaigns is that you’ll only pay when they visit your website.

The challenge for these campaigns is the research for your customer’s search intent and measuring KPIs (Key performance indicators) that work for you. Also, remember PPC campaigns take time. Don’t give up so easily as your helping your search ranking as well on Google. Every business is different so it’s tough to compare one business to another. You may need help to get started and define objectives.

We can discuss a Google AdWords campaign solution for you and how to get started. Contact me below.